Eco Works Map

Eco Works Map at Arbol de Fuego Hotel

Árbol de Fuego Eco-Hotel, San Salvador

Eco Works Map

  • map of eco iniatives at Arbol de Fuego Eco-Hotel

1) Green Roof

Insulation with plants that absorb heat from the sun to cool rooms. The natural covering also dampens noise and purifies the air, while attracting birds and butterflies.

2) Solar Thermal Collector

Solar hot water collectors generate energy for use in guestrooms, the kitchen and for other services.

3) Natural Air Filtration

Ecological guestrooms are surrounded by fresh air that's naturally filtered by plants and palm trees throughout the hotel’s interior. Greenery naturally absorbs chemical substances and carbon dioxide in the air.

4) Sustainable Gifts

Keepsakes, souvenirs and jewelry made with natural materials. Most are crafted by women living in communities across El Salvador.

5) Green Wall

Vertical plant installation to purify and improve the quality of the air.

6) Solar Laundry Dryer

The sun’s energy is used in a natural solar laundry dryer. A semi-transparent roof captures the sun’s light energy and converts it into heat energy. This allows us to dry clothing, even during the rainy season. Using bio-construction methods, natural materials are used for the walls.

7) Green Gardens

Pesticide-free plants and trees create a restful space for a quiet escape that attracts brilliant butterflies, pollinating bees, tropical birds and other colorful creatures.

8) Biogarden

A natural filtration system of stones and plant roots treats greywater from the hotel laundry. The filtered water is reused to irrigate the gardens and plants.

9) Compost

Composting to make soil-building organic fertilizer for the gardens.